Parker At Thirty-Two Months

I promise at some point I will stop updating by months, maybe once he is three 🙂 I just can’t believe how many new things still happen each month for him.

Lately we have noticed he imitates his favorite movies. Sometimes we hear him say something and wonder where it came from until we hear the exact phrase in one of his movies and have an “ah-ha” moment.

Parker’s life according to movies…

“I’m tired, I’m hungry, I wanna go home” – Madagascar
“I’m scareding Caity” – Monsters Inc
“Mommies cutting the ice” – Frozen
When something falls, it “crashes” from Cars & Planes
Imitates Dory talking to the whale in Nemo
“I’m touch the butt” – Nemo
All elephants are “baby elephants” from The Little Engine That Could
“Blasta blasta” – Rio

I love his imagination. He asks us to lay on our stomachs and “open the door” (our legs) once he steps inside he asks us to “close the door” (our legs).

He wants to learn letters and number desperately. His favorite letters are R and O and his favorite number is probably seven because he is always skipping six to get to it faster. I struggle with wanting to help teach him and just wanting him to play and be a kid. I didn’t learn my letters until kindergarten and I feel like we are in such a rush for babies to grow anymore.

He now likes to wear hats like his daddy. I can’t get over how cute they look together!

The biggest change this month is that we said good bye to the paci. Since he wasn’t quite ready to potty train it was a good time to try. Rob took the step and just told him one day his paci was all gone. Later that day and since Parker will randomly say, “paci all gone in trash truck”, “can’t get paci right now, it’s in the trash truck”, or “walk mommies hand to trash truck to get paci”. I am so proud of the way he has handled it. His naps are no longer consistent but there have been little to no tears.

At the end of January we took him to an indoor bounce park and I was a little worried about how behind some of his gross motor skills were. The truth is it’s hard in the winter with one car to get him out. We decided since Rob only had electives in February we would bring him as much as possible. I can’t believe how is confidence has grown over just a month. He now climbs up the ladder and tumbles down the slides with ease.


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