{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: First Sewing Project



One of the goals I set for myself in 2015 was to finally pull out that sewing machine and learning how to sew. When my parents surprised me last weekend I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down for a lesson. My Mom has been sewing for about 40 years now and is pretty amazing. In case you are wondering how much work I actually did… I sewed every single stitch!


I knew I wanted to make a pillowcase dress for Caity and matching tie for Parker. I couldn’t find a pattern at Jo Ann Fabrics, although I walked away with a ton of McCall patterns on sale for $2.99/each. My Mom was able to create a pattern based on her measurements. I purchased a yard of the turquoise and red fabric. We used Wonder Under to secure Parker’s tie to a t-shirt I picked up while we were there. ┬áSince I still have a lot to learn about sewing I don’t feel like I am able to offer a tutorial on this quite yet. However, tomorrow I am going to share how I made her Yo Yo feather bow! It’s was really easy and since I can buy the materials at a minimum of two inches I was able to save money by only getting what I needed.

I am really proud of myself and can’t wait until their photoshoot tomorrow!!!

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