Month 6 with watermark

This Time Around
I feel like things are starting to settle down. On the 10th of March I was able to nurse/rock her to sleep and put her in the P&P. She slept until about midnight and I was able to go upstairs and get some blogging/crafting done. It felt amazing to have a little separation. Since then I have put her down each night and headed upstairs. Unfortunately, my new found freedom has been so amazing I haven’t been heading back downstairs until midnight. Trying to balance productivity and desperately needed sleep is hard! Of course by the time I head downstairs I miss her so much she spends the rest of the night sleeping on my chest! It’s hard no to soak in every single snuggle since we are pretty sure this will be our last little one.

When we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 I couldn’t fathom being able to love them as much as I love Parker. It’s hard to explain but I love both of my children differently and equally. It’s amazing how much room in your heart you can make to love your children. Everyday I look at them individually and my heart smiles. They are very different but each have their own quirks that make them so special. Seeing how grown up Parker is becoming makes me want to keep Caity little for as long as I can.

At the moment the biggest different I am noticing is that Parker was sleeping through the night at this point. He was still in the P&P, we transferred him right after Christmas which was right after he hit 6 months, but he was sleeping through. Caity is in the P&P and her longest stretch is 9:30 – midnight. She usually wakes 2-3 times to nurse between midnight and 8am. She also won’t take naps on her own. Iv’e been trying to get her in the crib but our busy scheduled hasn’t allowed me to be consistent which is what I need. I am hoping in the next two weeks I can begin to consistently feed, rock, and place her in the crib for her morning and afternoon nap. Once she has learned to self sooth a little more we will work on moving her to the crib at night. Having her close makes it much easier to nurse and allows me to get as much sleep as possible which is my number one goal lately.


This little girl certainly prefers her milk on tap and is all about the boob. I waiver between loving it and hating it depending on how much sleep I have gotten and how needy she is on a given day. Being about to provide for her has been amazing but certainly emotionally draining. I find myself questioning her progress more often than I did with Parker. We have tried to give her a bottle and she just isn’t a fan. I haven’t had the proper motivation to really push it since Rob is really busy at night with school work. It’s so much easier to just nurse her to sleep.

I have certainly surpassed my original goal with nursing which was 4 months. At 6 months my supply still seems to be adequate for Caity’s appetite. I have my occasional dips but she just keep latching and trying through it. I decided to go ahead and sell all of my pumping supplies. At this point if something happens to my supply I will be okay, almost welcome, the switch to formula. I am sure I will miss our nursing sessions but I had just the same bonding experience with Parker giving him a bottle.




Milestones & Memories
This month was extremely busy for all of us but that didn’t stop Caity from experiencing several firsts and achieving some milestones.


She is now sitting up on her own for the most part although still extremely wobbly so I have to stay pretty close. She loves being able to look around and grab any toys in front of her.

Transition to the P&P
After stressing about her sleep habits I decided to do away with any expectations and just follow my instincts. We decided to put away the R&P so it wasn’t there as a crutch anymore. Within a week she was much more comfortable laying flat. For a few days she would wake an hour or so after putting her down. Now I nurse her on and off from 8:30 – 9:30 until she falls asleep and will either stay asleep or soothe herself until about midnight.


She was getting way to big for the infant tub so we moved her to the big tub with Parker. I was a little worried since she is still not stable sitting up so we found the Summer Infant Baby Bather to use. It’s been working out great and still gives Parker a lot of room to play.


We also moved her to the front of the double stroller and gave the double jogger a try out. She loves being about to look around and have a little more space to stretch out

Along with my parents, we took a trip to see my Grandparents in TN. She did really well in the car, had fun meeting the family, and even got to FaceTime with Daddy for the first time.


Introducing foods
We were planning on waiting until 6 months to introduce food but she was giving every indication she was ready. We started with green beans and then moved on to bananna, apple sauce, and most recently sweet potato which has certainly been her favorite. She tried food for the first time on February 27th and just yesterday she really started opening her mouth before the food got there. We are planning on taking more of a Baby Led Weaning approach and skip the bulk of the puree stage.




Letter to Caity
It’s hard to believe you are already 6 months old. Each day you resemble a little girl more than a baby which makes me happy and sad at the same time. You want to move and play but still love to snuggle which is one of my favorite things to do. You want to chew on everything and we have already seen your hangry (angry because you are hungry) side which most certainly resembles your brothers. We have gotten out all of Parker’s old toys and you are so intrigued by all of the lights and sounds. It’s so much fun to watch you explore and learn new things and I can’t believe how smart you are already.

You seem to light up the room wherever you go. Your bright eyes, smile, babbles and the occasional adorable headband stop most people in their tracks. I can’t blame them, you are absolutely adorable.  All the ladies at my WW meeting adore you which has made it much easier to get to know everyone.

Untitled-1 (2)

Also, I LOVE dressing you up in cute bows! Mommy got tired of buying them so she found all the supplies and can now make ones to coordinate all of your outfits. Sooooo excited!!!

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