Favorite Consignment Finds

Boy has it been a crazy month so far. Iv’e been trying to stay away from the computer a little so I could focus on getting our house a little more organized. I can’t wait to share some of the hacks we have implemented that have been working beautifully so far. In the meantime, I just had to share some updates from the latest consignment sale that we both consigned and shopped at. What an unexpected hit!

Although we didn’t have as much to consign as last time, I still wanted to get some things out of storage. Following the same method as I did in my 8 Tips & Tricks For Selling Consignment we ended up with about 40 pieces of both Parker and Caity’s clothing and 30 pieces of maternity clothes I am ready to say good bye to. We also had some gear like the Belly Buds and Snuggle Nest that were just taking up space. I priced everything low and available for purchase 1/2 off on the 50% off day. That is usually the best way to get rid of items and it worked. Of the 128 total items we consigned, 89 were purchased. Luckily items that were not sold can be handed down to a few mommas I know with littler babies than mine. I decided to keep some of the summer maternity items to wear around the house and left the rest for the $1 dash. By volunteering we were able to earn 70% of our sales which ended up being about $240. Not to shabby for items just laying around the house and taking up space!


Of course I also had to go shopping 🙂 We decided to try out our new double jogger which I am more and more impressed with each time we use it.


We got to shop early and found some fun toys for the kids keeping in mind my 10 Tips For Shopping A Consignment Sale Successfully. I am IN LOVE with that purple elephant rocker from Toys R Us for $10. We found some DVDs for $1, and brand new golf club set for $3, and a complete train set from Little Tree for $8. The America canvas usually goes for $75 and we found it for $15 in perfect condition.

A few days later I went back to look for clothes during the 50% off sale. I found a ton of Gymboree, OshKosh, Cherokee, and Childrens Place for under $5. Here were a few of my favorites…


Ekkkk! Gold… Sparkle… What more could a mother girl want?!? I can’t wait to put Caity in this and snap a few photos around Christmas time next year. I know it’s a little early to be thinking about winter but I just couldn’t resist this for only $3.50.

$5 (2)

Iv’e already pulled some of my bow making materials out to match this adorable dress for July 4th! Items like this are always a great find because they were most likely only worn once. Since Caity will probably only wear it once I can still turn around and consign it for around the same price. It’s more like “renting” clothes 🙂

$4 (2)

Parker still loves Jake so I was stoked to find this Disney brand hoodie for only $4. Although it was well loved by it’s previous owner, there is still more time for my little guy to love it.


While I was shopping around I noticed a great deal of dress up items. We are going to a special little girls 2nd birthday party in a few weeks and I knew a dress up kit would be the perfect gift. All together I ended up spending $30 on 3 dresses, a Doc McStuffins lab coat, tiara, wand, bag of beads, heels, and a beauty kit. I can’t wait to put it all together for her!

We are headed into yard sale and consignment season and I can’t wait for all the great finds I have headed my way. What are some great finds you have scored recently?

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