Life With Two: 33 Months & 6 Months


Multitasking Momma
Multitasking???? What is that…? I am starting to realize the goal with two kids under three is to simply survive the day.

Parker has started boycotting naps most days but I still put him in his room for an hour or so. He will play quietly, read books, or on some days completely destroy his room. Caity and I still head into the nursery to nurse and cuddle during that time. This month Caity started letting me put her down around 9:30 pm asleep until about midnight. That is about the only time during the day I can accomplish anything so I make the most of it.

My goal by the end of this month is for Caity to be taking her morning and afternoon nap on her own. I also really need to look at everything I am doing (blogging, Thirty-One, MaryKay, Young Living, Etsy Shop) and try to figure out what is most important to me and what can fit into my schedule. I don’t like this feeling of always being behind. Not to mention the fact that I am not able to take time to craft which has always been a stress reliever.


Brother & Sister Love
These two absolutely love each other. Caity is always watching him and looking for him when he isn’t around. Even when he isn’t trying he can make her giggle. He always wants to “make Caity laugh” or make sure she has all her blankets etc… The other day I caught him saying, “it’s okay Caity I got you” as he handed her his apple. At times Parker can get a little rough with her but it’s hard for him to realize it when she laughs. I have also discovered that she gives him a big ole smile when he gets in trouble for being too rough 😉




Parker VS Caity



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