Parker At 33 Months

This month Parker…

… started using the word “actually” when it isn’t necessary but always in the appropriate context

… is using pronouns, for the most part, correctly and started to say “you want to come play with me” instead of “with you”


… is rocking it out on the playground climbing up ladders and rock walls

… can recite The Fire Engine Book word for word

… can eat a container of yogurt in under two minutes without getting a drop on himself

… loves helping Daddy fix things

… can count up to 15 and sing the entire alphabet


… started forward facing in Daddy’s car :/

… visited the Air & Space museum with his friends

… took his second trip to Tennessee

… is now sitting in a booster seat at restaurants

… started holding the phone on his own during FaceTime calls with AhAh, Bam, and Chief

… weighed in at 40lbs 3oz at his  2.5 year well visit and moved up to 3T and 4T clothing

… can take his shoes off by himself and helps put them on


… has mastered the art of defiance

… loves singing while he takes a “shark” shower

… has started the “I do it” stage

… likes to line everything up including animals, cars, and even his food

… has turned into a little man right in front of our eyes

33 Months

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