Let’s Get Out Of Here

Friday was pretty busy. I decided to sneak in another work out at the gym before heading to our favorite consignment sale. It wasn’t till I got there that I realized Rob had taken the stroller out in order to haul all the stuff we were selling. Luckily, I had my carrier so I was able to wear C and they always have a few run down umbrella strollers to use. P most definitely was maxed out on that weight so it was a struggle but we managed and both kids were amazing. I found some adorable clothes for the kids, two Melissa and Doug activity charts, and a walking bouncer for C.

We had enough time to eat lunch after getting home before a friend came over to look at the house. She was thinking of moving into the area and wanted to see our unique layout.

I tried to put the kids down for a nap but neither were having it and it was nothing but tears when Rob arrived home. The first words out of his mouth were, “let’s get out of here this weekend”. We made a 5 minute decision to head to Busch Gardens, got the kids up, changed, packed, and out the door in 45.


We stayed at an okay hotel. Was pretty pricey and not all that nice but it was close to the park and not bad since it was kind of last minute. It was senior day for several schools and Little Miss Princess something or other so it turns out we were lucky to find a room. We hit more traffic than we had anticipated so we ended up grabbing KFC before heading to the hotel. We had a nice picnic on the floor, took “big” showers as Parker calls them, then cuddled in bed.

Busch Gardens

Parker had a blast at the park and really enjoyed the rides. It was the first time he really went on actual rides and in a few cases he went by himself. I was disappointed when we found out he was just a smidge to short for the big swings. He rod the little ones but you could tell he was really board. He also went on a roller coaster for the first time!

It ended up being a really nice weekend, something we needed after a lost of frustration and bad news during the week. Sunday we met friends at the zoo so it was quite a packed weekend. It made us realize how much time we spend cleaning and maintaining the house instead of out having fun with the kids.