Caiyt’s 7 Month Update

Month 7 with watermark

Sorry baby girl, life is so hectic right now I can’t write a full update for you. There are exciting changes coming and Mommy is doing her best to keep up with everything and still make time to take care of you and your brother. I promise though, these changes will give Mommy more time to snuggle, watch movies, and play!


This month we noticed you have started to play a lot more. You are now sitting up really well on your own so it’s easier for you to play. You love when your brother comes over to give you attention and you try every time, often succeeding, in grabbing a big chunk of his hair and pulling.


We did a little sleep training and you are now ago with me putting you in the crib on your tummy after you nurse for awhile, usually around 8:30. I know it’s a “no no” according to our pediatrician but I keep a close eye on you with your monitor and quite frankly 1) you are more relaxed and 2) I am just not convinced it’s dangerous. You sleep till about 3-4 am and then you want a snack and to snuggle on your sleep number bed. Naps are still another story but we are taking it one step at a time.


You really love your Puffs and Lil’ Crunchies. Your favorite things to eat are eggs, apple sauce, and mixed baby food. You’ve also enjoyed gnawing on Mommy’s pizza crust and licking hummus off carrots.



I am excited to see what this next month brings as I predict we may have a baby on the loose!


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