Life With Two: 34 Months (2 years/10 months) & 7 Months

Life With Two

Multitasking Momma
Days lately are spent telling Parker “no”, taking 2 hours to run a quick errand, and trying to pee just once a day alone. I wish I could say that it’s easy and I breeze through with grace, that just isn’t the reality. This has been much harder than I thought it would be. At the moment I am trying to figure out how I am suppose to potty train P, help train C to sleep in her crib, and get her to take a bottle. 


Parker has wanted to cuddle a lot more lately. I think he is getting a little jealous of the amount of time I hold Caity and quite frankly I miss cuddling with my little man. Iv’e had to find creative ways to cuddle and spend time with both of them. Rob and I also try to alternate between putting him to bed so that I can get a little one on one time with him in the evening.


I have been using our double jogger stroller a lot lately to get everyone out of the house for some fresh air. It rides very smooth and both kids are super comfortable.


On days when I can’t bring myself to get up before they wake up I have to get creative with shower time. Parker can sit and watch MMCH (Mickey Mouse Club House) so I bring C in with me so I can keep an eye on her. She doesn’t mind being surrounded by blankets, pillows, and toys.


I usually wear C but it’s nice now that she is big enough to put in the shopping cart when I need to try on some clothes. P doesn’t mind that he has been promoted to the back of the shopping cart.


Caity really wants to be mobile lately but it isn’t really safe to put her on the ground with Parker running around. We have been using the P&P to give her some freedom but also keep her out of the way of tornado.


Brother & Sister Love
As Caity is getting more mobile I notice that Parker is wanting to play with her more. He is always trying to “make her laugh” and gets upsets when she cries often consoling her by saying, “it’s okay Caity”. During a trip to NJ I heard him say in the car, “it’s okay Caity we are going to Bam and Chiefs house”. He can still be rough with her at times but it doesn’t help when Caity starts laughing while I am trying to discipline him. She also laughs when he throws and fit and starts crying.

Parker VS Caity

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