Parker’s 2 Year & 10 Month Update



Month 34 with watermark

It’s hard to believe this little boy is almost THREE! He has been watching a lot of movies lately and is starting to repeat phrases and sing songs from his favorites. He also has picked up a few phrases that make Rob and I giggle every time. He loves riding in Daddy’s car and counting every time he sees something with numbers. We are also starting to work on the concept of time with him. Just recently he acknowledged that Bam and Chief were visiting on Friday (it was Wednesday at the time). We still haven’t officially started potty training him but after a little virus and not pooping for several days he started telling us when he was going and has now gone 3 times. I know, that is something only a parent could be excited about, lol. He is becoming really helpful when I am sitting with Caity and need him to grab something for me. My own little butler 😉


I hosted a sprinkle for a good friend at the house so Rob took Parker out for the day. They had fun playing at Lowes and then watching the airplanes.


Parker is getting more adventurous each day and loves playing outside in the back yard and going to the playground.


We met some friends at the Zoo last weekend. The weather was perfect and we had a blast. I ended up wearing C for awhile and so we had a hitch-hiker in the stroller for awhile.



While my parents were visiting earlier this month the boys went to visit the Art & Space Museum while the girls went shopping (surprise, surprise). I am not sure who that little boy in the photo above is, it can’t possibly be my little man…!


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