What’s In A Name

Mary Cathy Mary Caity - Watermark

Iv’e been working on this project for awhile and since it will be the gift my Grandmother opens on Sunday I thought it would be fun to share this week. I am giving both my Mother and Grandmother a copy of this photo framed.

It’s not often you know as a teenager what you would name a future daughter, but I did. This photo represents more than just four generations, it represents four of five (maybe six) generations of a special namesake. My Great Grandmother, Catherine Mary, probably had no idea the tradition she would start when she named by Grandmother Mary Catherine. Since then, the name of the first female born has alternated between Catherine Mary and Mary Catherine. My Great Great Grandmother died when my Great Grandmother was young so she isn’t sure if here name was Mary Catherine. It will take quite a bit of research to locate her which I hope to have time to follow through on sometime this year.

When Rob and I found out we were having a girl I knew we would name her Catherine Mary but I wasn’t quite sure on a nickname. I wanted her to have something different than my Mom but still staying true to her full name. We eventually decided on Caity. Most people will probably never spell it right but they most likely wouldn’t spell Catherine correctly either. I love her name and she already recognizes it which is adorable.

Not only is Caity my Mother’s namesake but my kids call her Bam. My Aunts and Uncles couldn’t say the word Gram so they ended up calling my Great Grandmother Bam. My Mom is her namesake so it was only fitting for my children to call her the same.

If you were thinking about doing a similar project check out a few tips and tricks I put together to make it easier!

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