Life With Two: 36 (3 years) Months & 9 Months


Multitasking Momma
Oh my little minions… I know you both stay awake at night plotting against me. Plans of changing up your schedules dance around in your heads as you sleep. Well I’m ready for you. Sure I had a rough few months but  now I have my Tula on hand and Super Why! on deck in the DVD player. All I can say now is bring it. Bring. It.


Brother & Sister Love
Lately Caity has been watching her brother like a hawk and a few times even got him in trouble. It’s hard to tell Parker to stop being rough with her when she is giggling away. Or to give back her toy only realizing afterwards she keeps teasing him with it.

He loves making her laugh, holding her hand, and dancing with her. He comforts her when she is crying and even cries himself when he realizes he is the one that hurt her.

As she is getting older they are interacting more and more. They both love when I let her roll around on the floor. It makes me nervous because Parker is very energetic but he is getting use to being careful around her. Now comes the stage of sharing and “he/she is touching me!”. Oh joy!

Parker VS Caity

Kids at 9 Months


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