Nine Months In And Nine Months Out


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This Time Around
Even after nine months I have to keep telling myself that Caity is a different baby. And boy does she like doing things her own way. I can already tell she is gonna be the sneaky one always keeping us on our toes.


We have hit a few more bumps in the road this past month. Between teething, the return of Aunt Flo, and another case of Thrush it was pretty miserable for awhile. Luckily I am part of an amazing support group on Facebook and they encouraged me to go to my OB. After a prescription for Thursh, APNO, some lactation cookies, and lots of water things are almost back to normal. At its worst we tried formula again in desperation and she absolutely refused it so I guess we are stuck making it work till we hit a year.


Milestones & Memories
At 9 months she is 19 pounds and 11 ounces, about 27 inches high, and wearing mostly 12 month clothing.

Caity loves interacting with other people and is already learning social ques such as waving when someone says hello. The other night at dinner I noticed she was waving and when I looked behind me there was another little girl in a highchair waiving back at her. It was so adorable to watch the two of them smiling, waiving, and interacting with one another.

Despite what the pediatrician thinks Caity still isn’t sleeping through the night. Although I would LOVE a full nights sleep, I know she just isn’t ready for it and I have come to terms with that. She does for the most part give me long stretches which I choose to use catching up with posts instead of sleeping. But that’s on me, not her.

Since we took more of a baby lead weaning approach to introducing foods she is eating more solids than Parker did at this age. Just the other day she basically ate a full taco. I am finding that when I give her puree she isn’t as interested as the solid food. She loves eggs, Cheerios, and Yogurt melts for breakfast.

She is also less vocal but more mobile. She has created her own kind of crawl where she planks and then pushes her legs into her tummy to move forward. It isn’t very efficient but it does get her to where she wants to be. Just the other day I noticed a lot more coordination with her hands and knees so I think a full on crawl isn’t too far away. She isn’t really babbling yet but has come up with her own sounds that can only be described as what a baby velociraptor would sound like.


Letter to Caity
This past month has been extremely busy and things haven’t gone according to plan much. You have been doing great with the transition, better than expected, but still need your cuddle time. Iv’e learned three big things about you this month. You love selfies, eating, and getting into trouble 🙂

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