Our Month Summarized

I can’t believe how much has changed in the last few weeks. Our timeline for moving jumped on the fast track and here I am in our new home on the couch typing this during nap time.


Purging certainly took a toll on us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Image purging 2/3 of your belongings in less than a month. It was certainly and challenge and it seemed like every time I turned around another box showed up. We sold a ton of items on our local yard sale group, had what can only be described as an epic yard sale, and took 4 full van loads to the local thrift store. I jotted down some thoughts and tips that came to mind during the process that I will share in more detail soon.


Our move went relatively smooth. We decided to hire packers and movers again. It is more expensive but with two littles at home it made life a whole lot easier. After the packers were done on Monday we went to the apartment and stayed there. The next day Rob drove Parker to daycare and supervised the 1st half of the move. By early afternoon 3 amazingly strong guys were bringing in boxes 3 at a time. While the apartment is small I had already assigned different areas for boxes to make things a little easier. They put boxes where I asked and reassembled all the furniture. All I have left to unpack is all of the craft/office stuff. Then I want to take another pass through everything and reorganize some things. It will certainly always be a work in progress.

I am anxious to share some of the posts I have been working on about our experience downsizing, tips for a smooth move with littles, our favorite apartment organizational hacks, and tips for littles sharing a room.

Loft Bed

The kiddos have transitioned amazingly and love sharing a room together. Caity is still not sleeping through the night but Parker doesn’t seem to be bothered by her cries before we can get in there. She has been taking naps in our room and most nights after about 2am. Parker seems to love his loft bed, especially the play space underneath and the “tunnel” on top.

Life Lately

Most importantly, we haven’t wasted anytime getting out and spending time as a family. In the last week we have spent more time as a family doing fun things than the last 2 months. We have eaten mouth watering cheese steaks, watched the airplanes come in at Gravley Point, swam in the pool, and cuddled on the couch watching movies. Living in a small apartment is absolutely amazing and although¬†it may have its downfalls, the perks make it worth it.

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