Parker’s Third Birthday

Parker 3rd Birthday Watermarl 8x10

It’s hard to believe yet another year has passed and my sweet little boy is one year older. I can’t believe how much he has changed and grown over the last year. He has done beautifully transitioning to a new room, a two new toddler beds, saying bye-bye to his paci, becoming a big brother, and just last week moving into a new home. I am amazed at how laid back he is and how easily he adapts. He still loves (and on most days needs) his afternoon nap. Lately he sleeps longer than Caity!

He loves going to the play ground, playing with his friends, cuddling on the couch watching a movie, helping me with Caity, and “talking” to us. He still has a great appetite and eats almost everything.

His vocabulary is continuing to develop and I can’t even guess how many words he knows now. He usually speaks in full sentances and can articulate clear and complete thoughts. He also has a good memory and was recently able to tell us where he left Chiefs keys when he was visiting 5 days later.

He is about 41 pounds and mostly wearing 3T clothing and 4T “pajamies” as he calls them. He can take all of his clothes off and is getting better at dressing himself. He has been giving us all the signs he is ready to potty train, we were just waiting until we could dedicate a few days to just focusing on that.

He loves reading stories at night and recently started to sing to some of his favorite shows and movies. He also likes to do the “hot dog dance” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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