Motherhood Confessions: A Mother’s Wish List


Although moms nowadays have more resources than our mothers did, it’s still hard. Sometimes not even all the gadgets in the world can make a hard day easier. The kiddos fell asleep during our trip to my parents house this past weekend and I found myself wondering what my ultimate wish list would be to make motherhood a little easier. Here is what I came up with.

Drive Thru Convenient Store
Although we have been using the Harris Teeter Express service (amazing I might add) there are days when only a jumbo fountain Diet Dr Pepper and chocolate can get me through. Unfortunately, loading and unloading two kids TWICE for a chocolate bar is more hassle than it’s worth. Having a local drive through to grab a few small things here and there would be pretty much awesome.

My parents try to visit at least every other month to see the kids. When our schedule allows we try to visit them. It’s about a five hour trip not accounting for stops or traffic. Oh boy would it be nice to be able to load the kids in the car, hope in the back and spend those five hours sleeping, mombooking, or watching a movie with the kids. Heck, I would even take a chauffeur on the average day when we are running around completing errands and such.

It’s a hard balance between wanting your kids to eat healthy well balanced diets and having the time to actually plan, prep, and make those meals. Being able to sit down to a well balanced and yummy dinner without any of the work would be simply amazing. Also having a chef around to fulfill those late night cravings during pregnancy. While I am at it, lets add a dishwasher in there as well!

Diaper Service
We decided to cloth diaper for environmental reasons and to save money. I don’t mind taking care of the diaper laundry but some weeks I can’t say I would mind if someone washed, folded, and left them on my door step like the old days.

Concierge Doctor
It’s inevitable, kids get sick. During one of our first appointments the pediatrician said, “we are here to comfort the parents”. Although the kids are rarely sick, I do take them to the pediatrician to rule things out. I also took both kids last month together for their well checks. Yikes, it is not something I will ever do again. It was a HOT mess. Having a doc on call to stop by the house for a quick check or their well visits would be glorious.

I’m sure as the kids get older my wish list will change but for the time being these are it! Now it’s your turn! What would be some things on your wish list?


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