Parker (3 years 1 month)

I can’t bring myself to stop these monthly updates. He seems to be growing and experiencing new things each day and I just love looking back over the last 3 years. As Caity is loosing her baby features I find myself looking back at Parker in disbelief of how fast he has grown.

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There are several things I noticed over the last month that was new for Parker.

Thanks to a complete douche bag in our apartment complex Parker has developed a sense of fear. They did some after market modifications to their car making it unbearably loud, especially in a parking garage. For whatever reason he feels the need to reeve up his engine. The noise is so loud, loud enough to damage Caity’s hearing in my opinion. Luckily he seems to have moved out but the damage is already done. For some reason the noise reminded Parker of a dragon so every time we head to our car he says he doesn’t want to be scared of the dragon. We started saying, “don’t worry buddy I got you”. Now every time he leaves he says, “I don’t want to be scared of the dragon, you got me Daddy”. It’s adorable but heartbreaking at the same time.

Within the last few weeks Parker has really started to sing along to his movies and shows. His memorization is actually quite good. He can almost repeat the entire Finding Nemo movie. His favorite part is when Dori is speaking humpback whale and loves mimicking her right in the middle of a busy store causing everyone to look at us thinking, “what the hell?”. He has also started to dance along to music which Caity gets a kick out of.


Although we have had some pretty hot days, we have tried to go to the park as much as possible so Parker can exhaust some energy. I love out local playground. You can see the planes coming in, it’s right next to a metro line, and there is both a playground and water play area. All of Parker’s favorites in one place.


During the 4th weekend we went to Kings Dominion and a local fair where Parker had the chance to go on some rides. He LOVES it, especially roller coasters. I am even more excited now for our trip to Disney this summer. Between his new love for fast rides and all of the Disney characters he now knows it is going to be a blast.

Photo Jul 22, 4 41 17 PM

More and more Parker is finding ways to challenge his boundaries and test Rob and I. Lately he doesn’t listen when I ask him to stop, usually when he is getting too rough around Caity. He has started imitating some scenes from movies that out of context are at best awkward and worst completely embarrassing. He also has started acting out when we are giving attention to Caity. I knew this was normal with a second child but surprised it took 10 months to start. With all the changes that have happened over the last few months and the ones that are yet to come we are trying to take things one day at a time.

Photo Jul 20, 10 51 37 AM

We’ve been in NJ for the last two weeks and Parker has been able to do some really fun things. Chief, AhAh, and Nick took him to the local airport where there is a cafe right on the runway so you can watch the planes go out and come back in. Then he spent the afternoon playing in the pool and eating yummy watermelon.


On that Sunday we attended the Day Out with Thomas event. There was tons of fun activities for kids to do, a nice gift shop, and then a 30 minute train ride on Thomas. Parker was so excited and talked about his ride for the next week straight.

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