Organizing 101: 6 IKEA Must Haves

I have to admit I was pretty excited when we made the decision to downsize and move into an apartment. Although I would lose a lot of creative freedom renting, I was presented with a new challenge of finding effective ways to organize our small space. We were a family of four living in a four bedroom 2,200 sq ft house downsizing to about a 1,200 sq ft two bedroom apartment.

Since our plans unexpectedly changed and we will be moving to Canada in the fall I thought it would be fun to focus my Tipful Thursday series on organizing small spaces for the next few weeks.

First up, a few things that have made it possible to organize with kids using IKEA!

6 Product Collage

GNDBEY Shelf Unit | TROFAST Storage Box | PJAS Baskets
GRUNDTAL Towel Holder | KURA Reversible Bed | TROFAST Storage Combination


A baby bath tub using the TROFAST Storage Box
I was extremely disappointed when we noticed a crack in our tub the first night. I know that is part of renting but it certainly made the impression no pre-inspection was done. Parker loves taking a shower so it didn’t effect him much but after a few days Caity really needed a bath and I was desperate. While I was getting the kids ready for bed Rob came in with one of the TROFAST Storage Boxes from their room. It ended up being the perfect size for her and fit nicely on our sink counter. I also plan to bring this along when we go on vacation so I don’t have to worry about scrubbing hotel bath tubs! I can store items in it during the trip so it won’t take up extra space.

A laundry room drying rack using the GRUNDTAL Towel Holder
In our old house I had a whole laundry room I could spread out in. While having the washer and dryer in the kitchen has helped keep up with the laundry, I don’t have as much space when it comes to air drying our cloth diapers (and other unmentionables). The GRUNDTAL Towel Holder was a perfect edition to the laundry closet. Completely out of the way when it’s not being used but can hold up to 20 diapers at one time.

Bed Set

Sleep & play using the KURA Reversible Bed and TROFAST Storage Combination
Although Parker loved his toddler bed and couch from IKEA I wanted him to have something new and fun to help transition to the new apartment. We also wanted to create a quiet space that Parker could retreat to if he wanted some alone time. We loved the KURA Reversible Bed but the ladder made me nervous. Parker was a little young and I was worried about Caity trying to climb it once she was mobile. Then Rob came across a fantastic IKEA hack using the TROFAST Storage Combination as stairs in place of the ladder. Genious! The unit fits perfectly, almost like it was IKEA’s evil plan all along. I also loved the extra storage for linens and toys that didn’t fit in their play area. To help deter Parker from jumping on the bed or trying to climb off, we also got the KURA Bed Tent for the top. The STICKAT Organizer is another fun addition to keep a few books close in case he wakes up from nap early. As a final touch Rob installed a set of the DIODER LED Light Strips for some extra lighting underneath.

An organized kids closet using the PJAS Baskets and GNDBEY Shelf Unit
One of my favorite room features in our Home Tour was our Shared Changing Station. It also happens to be my most popular pin on Pinterest. I had to go small and tall in the kids shared closet and needed to find a way to organize all of their clothing, gear (including two strollers), and their changing station inside. While I couldn’t recreate the entire set up, I was able to keep the GNDBEY Shelf Unit for our cloth diapers. I also managed to make room for the PJAS Baskets for their pajamas since I don’t fold them (gasp!). We actually use these baskets around the entire house to store clothing, toys, and even some of my craft supplies. Adding a small chalkboard with some twine is a cute and functional way of labeling them with their contents.

Check back each Thursday as I share more tips on organizing our apartment. This month is dedicated to IKEA and next week I will be sharing my mobile office using the RASKOG Utility Cart

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