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This Time Around
Things are different and I have learned to except that. It’s been 11 months since I have had a full nights sleep but that doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore. It’s been 11 months since I spent the night away with Rob but that doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore.

You are more mobile that Parker was which keeps me on my toes.

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Caity has started self weaning her nursing sessions during the day unless we are home and she is napping. She has taken to a sippy of water during meal time to keep her fluids up. Since we still bed share at night she nurses on and off although that has also decreased in the last month.

I also think has started saying boob when she wants to nurse but it comes out ba-ba. It’s pretty cute.

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Milestones & Memories
Caity has been quite the travel bug this month.

We spent the beginning of her 11 month in New Jersey visiting my parents. It had started out as a short trip but I decided to stay a little longer. We had a lot of fun in the evenings and on the weekends with Bam and Chief.

We ended up getting approved unexpectedly for a house hunting trip to Canada. It was very last minute but I am so glad we were able to go. We ended up finding a house and starting the process which means less time in a hotel when we arrive. We had fun exploring the city and playing on a few of the play grounds. It’s hard to believe she maybe walking by the time we get there.

The end of Caity’s 11 month in Disney. We took the Auto Train, which was amazing, and are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort. She is a little timid around the characters but loves the rides. I have a feeling she is going to be my little daredevil in a few months.

She LOVES relaxing in her float in the pool, especially when the canopy is on. She also doesn’t mind all the attention she gets because of how dare cute she looks.

She LOVES playing games with us like peek-a-boo. She also tries to give us her food but then takes it away when we try to eat it. Sometimes she even does it when she doesn’t have anything in her hands.

She LOVES to sleep with one foot on top of us or a pillow. It’s hilarious to watch her in her sleep raise her foot to rest it on something.

She HATES when we try to wipe her mouth after mealtime, when we try to put her in the crib or P&P, and when her brother tries to take a toy away from her. She is very vocal and will let you know how unhappy she actually is.

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Letter to Caity
It’s so much fun watching you start to interact with your brother and us. You love being silly, having fun, and playing games. You are curious about everything and want the freedom to explore everything around you even though you never let us leave you site. I love watching you sleep at night. I guess that is why I am in no rush to transition you to the crib. Throughout the night I feel you checking to make sure I am right there. I can’t describe how amazing that feeling is for me. To know that you feel safe with me by your side.

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