Life With Two: 3 Years (and 2 months) & 11 Months


Multitasking Momma
We have had a really busy month but I think making lists and planning ahead made it stress free, smooth, and fun time. It’s funny to watch Rob’s head spin when he is home in the mornings and I am running around doing my thing. Usually that means getting myself and the kids ready, breakfast, cleaning up, getting packages and bills ready to send, and if I am lucky some blogging done. But I never do one task at a time, it’s always moving between them back and forth.

The one thing I really focused on last month was spending equal time with Parker. I can tell he feels left out especially since Caity now sleeps with us at night most of the time. He seems to want to cuddle in our bed because he knows we are all there.

Babywearing has certainly made things easier with two. Our wagon has also been a must have to go get packages at the front desk or quick trips to Target. What I love is that we take the wagon there. Then I wear Caity in the store, put P in the shopping cart and the wagon folds up and fits perfectly underneath the cart.





Brother & Sister Love
My goodness do these two love each other.

Caity is always looking for him whether it by crawling around from room to room or looking at the monitor. Parker notices when Caity isn’t around and wants to run to her side when she is crying. Although they have there moments, they play very well together. Caity it pretty resilient so she doesn’t seem to mind when Parker gets a little rough. Parker on the other hand freaks out when she touches him, go figure. The only time she really gets upset is when he tries to take a toy from her and when that happens she gets mad, really mad.

Iv’e noticed that Parker is starting to get protective of Caity and always wants to swoop in to make sure she is already and “make her laugh” so she feels better. It’s so precious and I hope that this remains the same as they get older.

Parker VS Caity

Eating Spagetti

Sleeping Collage

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