Parker (3 Years & 2 Months)

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This has been a pretty busy month for Parker.

We took a long trip home to NJ where he got to spend a lot of time with Chief, Bam, AhAh, and Nick. Chief took him on long rides in the orchard and Bam played hookie to take a trip to Rices. We spent the days playing and relaxing and the evenings with some of my friends and family. Parker and Grace (my cousins daughter) had a play date which was pretty hilarious to watch.

Then we took a trip to Canada to look for a new home. Parker did really well in the car and was very friendly to everyone we met. We visited a few playgrounds and he tried to meet some of the kids but most seemed to only speak French. We’ll have to work on that as soon as we get there. He loved riding on Rob and my backs around the city visiting the canal. It was his first official trip out of the country, something I didn’t do until I was 21 years old.

We finished off in Disney where Parker got to meet Mickey and all of his friends. We went to several character meals where they came around for photos and to sign books. I think his favorite was Jake. He was pretty timid at first with all of the characters but in most cases warmed up quick enough for a photo. His favorite were the roller coasters. He couldn’t get enough of them and was so upset when we went on ones he was too small for. He LOVED taking the train and slept all by himself in the bed through the whole night.

He certainly has him moments and some of the things he does right now are a little concerning. It’s hard to know what is typical of a 3 year old and what might be a little more. He has started almost growling at people and kids at times. He also tries to kick Caity a lot when they are on the bed or floor playing. Sometimes he freaks out for no reason at all and he completely ignores the word no. I have noticed that his worse times are when he is tired or there is a lot of outside stimulation. Right now we are trying to take it one step at a time and try to remind ourselves that he is three and not meant to sit still, be quiet, and understand consequences.

One super exciting this about this month is that he started potty training himself while we were in Disney. It was totally unexpected. It started with Rob asking him to try and go on the potty. He did. From there he went every time we asked him to try and even told us ahead of time. We still have a long way to go but most of his diapers have been dry over the past week.

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