Parker's Year 3 Favorites

Pro-Ball Set  |   LeapFrog LeapPad3  |  LEGO Duplo Fire Truck  |  Step2 Roller Coaster
Fisher-Price Medical Kit  |  LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics

Iv’e noticed that as Parker gets older he seems more interested in outside play than inside quiet play. This kid has a TON of energy to burn so I keep the Pro-Ball Set in car along with some other toys and try to get out every day. But with an infant I need to have some engaging activities he enjoys at home for her nap times.

He seems to enjoy imaginative play so dress up, his Fisher-Price Medical Kit and LEGO Duplo Fire Truck are great quiet activities he can engage in with or without me. He loves using the medical kit for hist stuffed animals just like Doc McStuffins. I also love the Duplo LEGOs because they are large and safe around Caity.

We had originally bought the Step2 Roller Coaster off a yard sale group on Facebook for Parker’s carnival birthday party. Since we ended up moving we hosted a much smaller celebration during one of our play dates. We talked about reselling it but Parker just loves it and Caity seems to be waiting until she is big enough to join in. We decided to keep it and bring it out on those rainy and cold days when cabin fever starts to set in.

His LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics stays on our fridge and is a great way to engage him when we are cooking in the kitchen. I love that it is small enough to travel, cane be turned completely off, and keeps him occupied for quite some time with all of the letters and interactive possibilities.

Rob and I went back and forth on getting him the LeapFrog LeapPad3. We wanted something that would occupy him at appointments, dinner at restaurants, or when we just needed him to sit for a little while. I didn’t want him to get hooked on video gamers per-say but was pleasantly surprised when I tried one out. While it is a game there is a huge educational component. Right now he has Disney Octonauts which is science based, Doc McStuffins which is problem solving based, and Letter Factory which is reading based.

He certainly has a lot of other toys and games but these are a good mix of his favorites and the ones we tend to reach for first.