Caity’s ONEderland Birthday Planning

Oh goodness if it wasn’t busy enough around here I have been gearing up for Caity’s ONEderland birthday party next month. I had promised Rob I would go light since we will be living in a hotel at the time and we already have quite a bit on our plates.

Then I started looking at Pinterest and well that promise went right out the door.

Follow Mary Meyer’s board Alice In ONEderland on Pinterest.

I am having SO much fun designing this birthday party from the table set up to fun games for the kids. Since most will be Parker’s age I want to make sure they are entertained. So far I have come up with a playing card bean bag toss, Pin A Smile on the Cheshire Cat, Bowling, and a Mad Hatter Hat Shop. We will also have the movie playing in the background and a fun Photo Booth set up for silly photos. I found this perfect instant download set from Jazzy Patterns on Etsy


We are going to cater from Chick-fil-A and stick with light finger foods like fruit, veggies, and their mini chicken bites. I am also going to decorate some sugar cookies and make paint brush rice krispie treats. A good friend is going to make Caity’s smash cake and I found a local bakery that could make cupcakes look like roses.

Paint Brush Krispie Treats Source                                                 Smash Cake Source                                                    Rose Cupcakes Source

I have found some pretty awesome items on Amazon that work perfectly with the theme.


I ended up splurging on a pack of 20 napkins for $4 because the print was adorable. Then I used the colors to pick all the paper products for the food and (iced) teas we would be serving. For an added touch I made “drink me” stickers for the cups.

Paper Products

We are going to have everyone sign a copy of Alice in Wonderland so she remembers who was there to help celebrate her special day. I love the one we found because it looks a little old.


I’m also continuing the tradition of making a chalkboard with all of Caity’s milestones and memories. I still have to add her height and weight but here is a sneak peak.

Caity's 1st Birthday Chalkboard - With Watermark

And of course I have been playing around in PhotoShop making some fun prints!Sample Prints With WatermarkI have so much more to share but need to finish taking photos of the apartment. We start pack out tomorrow and I wanted to have a few photos of everything all set up.

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