Friday Favorites: Playing with Lamaze

I recently had a chance to review a few Lamaze products on the Walmart(.com) website. Caity loved them so much I wanted to share our experiences with them here. Overall they are an adorable set of small toys that are great for travel, the car seat, and stroller. With a reasonable price tag and exception quality the attention to detail, use of bold colors, and engaging nature are a perfect combination.

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Freddie the Firefly Peekaboo Book

Caity loves crinkle fabric and this book has a ton of it. It’s a perfect size for the stroller or car seat and keeps her entertained for a while. The colors are vibrant and catch her eye as she plays around with it. The story is pretty cute and my son loves “reading” it to her. On the back Lamaze included some benefits of reading to your child, using the book, play ideas with it, and information on the 12-18 month development stage. I thought that was a nice touch.

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My First Fishbowl

I absolutely adore this toy and so does Caity. The fish, oyster, crab, and star fish are small and squishy, the perfect size for small hands. Each makes a unique sound which keeps her entertained for quite a while. She loves looking at their faces and I even think she is talking to them sometimes. The little aquarium, which is soft flexible plastic, houses all the pieces and is fun for my daughter to play with. We’ve also started using it with my son to teach him about sea animals and how to take care of an aquarium. It’s a great learning opportunity without the risk of losing a friend.    

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My Friend Emily

This is one of Caity’s favorite dollies. She really seems to respond to her life like features and bold colors. The bottom of her dress and feet have the crinkle fabric she is addicted too. She also has a necklace and rings dangling from her hand that are perfect to teeth on. There is a hook at the top to secure her to the stroller or car seat so she doesn’t get lost. Her legs are very soft and crunchy for cuddling. Emily overall is the perfect size for my 11 month old to play with. Large enough for her to grab on and cuddle with but small enough that it is extremely light weight. We are currently trying to teach her to hug her.

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Flip Flap Dragon

I have to admit I think I love this one more than Caity. The colors are bold really catching her eye, especially the purple wings. When you pull on the ring the dragons wings actually flap. Each leg, the stomach, and wings all have different textures, fabrics, and sounds including the crinkle noise. It’s small and light fitting perfectly on a stroller, shopping cart, or in the car seat.

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