Parker 3 Years & 3 Months


Raising a toddler sure isn’t easy…

I find myself going back and forth multiple times a day absolutely loving him and wanting to rip my hair out (still loving him of course). He loves to test boundaries, has so much energy, and desperately needs a daily nap for his brain to reset. I am finding if he doesn’t get interaction with other kids, time to run around and blow off some energy, and a decent nap the evenings are rough to put it mildly.

He certainly handled the transition to the hotel and then to our new house in Canada well. Better than I could have even asked for. When we arrived he was so excited to see his new room but instantly said, “oh know! My tent bed isn’t here.” We had to explain that all his stuff was on a truck and would be arriving tomorrow.

This past month we spent a week at the beach with my parents, sister, and her boyfriend. He had a blast playing in the sand and was fearless in the water. He tried out miniature golf which went better than expected. And we took him to his first water park. He LOVED going down the water slides in the tube with us. He had fun celebrating Caity’s 1st birthday, taking family photos, and also going to an air show with his daddy.

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