One Month As Canadians

I can’t believe we have been here over a month already. Aside from the office/craft room we are just about done unpacking and decorating. This has definitely been my favorite house to decorate so far. You will see why in the coming weeks when I reveal some of my favorite rooms in the house.

Although there isn’t a huge cultural change moving from the US to Canada there have been a few things that caught my attention over the last month that I thought would be worth remembering later on when we look back at this experience. Overall I love that the primary language is English, all signs are in English (and also French), their currency is’t too different than ours, and there are many chain stores here that we are use to like Michaels and Five Guys.

We now drink milk from a bag and if we want whole milk we grab the 3.25%.

IMG_1181 watermarked

I was so wrong in assuming that all Canadians liked the cold weather and winter. I can’t believe how many have already started complaining about the cold weather.

Canadians CANNOT drive in the rain, at all. But they are super nice and will usually let you in without requiring you to be aggressive at first.

If you don’t understand what something says it means you are on the French side and need to turn it over.

IMG_1180 watermarked

One way signs have no writing on them just the arrow. It’s such a tease and like a blank canvas I want to write all over it.

My absolute favorite is the use of the word “eh?” I can only hope that I catch onto it and start naturally using it in my lingo before we leave.

IMG_1182 watermarked

My Canadian phone auto corrects to cheques, favourite, colour, and fibre. It makes me feel a little more sophisticated!

It’s AWESOME when the exchange rate is in your favor but balancing your budget sucks if you still have a US bank account and credit cards.

And the most surprising and a little disappointing is that Ritz crackers are in a bag….?!?!?!

Ritz Crackers

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