Caity’s 14 Month Update

14 Month

This last moth has been a doozy!

We tried “sleep training” again. Without many tears Caity started getting more comfortable in her crib at night. On average she has been sleeping with minimal wake ups in her crib from 7pm – 12am. At which points she lets us know she wants to cuddle and it’s time to bring her on our bed 😉 After nursing we will cuddle in the chair and she usually wakes up when I put her in the crib but gets comfortable quick. Most nights if anything she wants me to sit next to the crib and hold her hand until she drifts off… I am okay with that 🙂

Still no milk although I have to admit I am not trying very hard. Maybe next month, lol.

On Halloween we finally got out and met some local mommies and kiddos. I found a great group of mommies online and it was fun to finally meet them in person. Caity is older than most of them so it looks like I have the oldest kiddos in the playgroup age which is different but fun. We have had a few play dates since then and have a few fun events planned in the coming months. It was cute to watch Caity play with littles more her age, she was even caught kissing an adorable little boy named Mason.





She is getting more and more independent every day playing along side her brother. When she doesn’t think I am looking I will catch her mimicing something she saw one of us doing with a toy. Or climbing on something she knows she isn’t suppose to. If it’s any indication, I think she will be quite the daredevil when she gets older.