I’ve always known I was a little, okay maybe a lot, OCD. I like things tidy and organized with a place for everything. It’s a little ironic since I am also very crafty and was an art major. I always found a way to keep my paint pallets spotless and paints organized carefully. I have mastered the skill of multitasking and finding ways to organize things come easy so it doesn’t occupy too much time.

Having kids has certainly challenged me more than I could ever imagine. While our house is tidy and organized most of the time I’ve had to give a little and learn to let things go. Over the last 3 1/2 years I have been diligent to make sure all the pieces to toys were accounted for. That larger toys remained inside so they didn’t get dirty. That clothes were carefully looked over before washed to remove every single stain, no matter what it took. It is all very time consuming but I wanted to be able to resell it.

Earlier this week we were at the playground and I had a little epifiny…. I realized that a photo like this was worth much more than the $3 I would get from a consignment sale. That life should be more about getting dirty, even if it means ruining that favorite shirt. And that I can never get these moments back once they are gone.