After a very busy week of taking care of the kids and my mom who is recovering from surgery I was so happy to see the weekend come. My sister and her fiancee came to visit and it was by far has been the most relaxing and productive weekend I have had in months. I just found myself missing the hubs who is still back in Canada quite a bit.

Saturday morning Chief made breakfast and then my sister, fiancee, and I headed off to take some engagement photos. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the living room watching football with a nice warm fire going. It was the perfect atmosphere to edit their photos and even get their Save The Date done.

Parker has been talking about helping my Dad pick apples in the backyard for weeks. Since it’s towards the end of apple season my Dad snuck out and put apples down from the store. Then he took Parker on a tractor ride to find the “best apple tree”.

DSC_3039 - watermarked

It was so adorable! Parker hadn’t picked up more that 4-5 apples and crawled back in his wagon to, “watch us pick up the rest.” Then he helped me make some apple sauce and a yummy apple pie.


And sweet delicious apple sauce. Which I might add is so easy to make I don’t think I will ever buy store bought again!


Saturday night we ย snuck out that night to go see the new Hunger Games movie. I came home to two kids awake so we all crawled into bed together. I think I spent an hour just staring at both of them in awe of how lucky I am.

Sunday morning the kids woke up early so I decided to ceize the opportunity and make breakfast for everyone. I mean, cinnamon rolls from the can count, right…? Parker helped me make Chiefs coffee and then we woke everyone up. We had another lazy day following breakfast of football, snacks, and a cozy fire.

DSC_3011 watermarked

I also was very productive and knocked out another one of my projects for the 25 Days of Christmas Crafts mini series I am doing in December.


Could have asked for a better weekend. Hoping for another once Rob is here and we are all together.