25 Days of Christmas: B is for Believe

I am a little embarrassed to admit it but I believed in a physical Santa for a very long time. My mom tells me one day I came to her very concerned and said I needed to know the truth so one day when I had kids I knew what to do.

Truth is, I still believe. Maybe not in the physical person, but most definitely the spirit of him. I didn’t realize how amazing the spirit of Christmas could be until I had kids of my own. They way their eyes light up every morning when we come downstairs and search for #sammyandsophiameyer. The curiosity on their face as they study the Christmas tree and all the ornaments dangling. The giggles from the kitchen as we make the most delicious mess imaginable.

I believe in the spirit.

DSC_3563 watermarked

This was a very simple project that took about 30 minutes, a few scraps from my studio and some supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Letter B
Red and white paint
Old belt or piece of leather
Gold button, bells, or belt buckle
Santa hat
Hot glue gun

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