25 Days of Christmas: Decorative Trees

I may have a slight obsession with Christmas trees. It doesn’t matter if they are small, large, real, fake, green, or even white. Right now we have 13 trees in the house ranging in size from 10 inches to 9 feet. They are in the bathrooms, on the mantel, on my desk, in the bedrooms, and even in the kitchen. Each has their own theme and way of spreading cheer in the house. Many of them have been purchased over the years after Christmas for 75 – 90% off. It’s a great way to build a collection on a small budget.

Today I decided to venture slightly away from my design style and decorate three tree shaped cones with unconventional materials. While these type of decorations are becoming very popular, I hadn’t ventured in that direction, until now.

DSC_3809 watermarked

This is another really simple project that can be accomplished with items you have on hand or with a quick trip to Walmart or Michaels. You can use anything you want; glitter, feathers, ribbon, string, wire, and the list goes on.

For mine I used the crochet yarn from my snowballs and the snowman themed Christmas ornament for one tree. It was very easy to wind the materiel around the cone and secure it with a knot. For the second tree I used thick twine which I secured every so often with a dab of glue. The third tree had me stumped but then I came across some ribbon I have had for years (as long as I can remember, actually) that was cinched on the top. I cut several pieces and wrapped them around the tree creating a skirt effect. I purchased Paper Mâché cones from Hobby Lobby (similar here) when I was visiting my Mom last month. You can also use Styrofoam or even make you own using card stock.

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