25 Days of Christmas: Let It Snow Chalkboard

I love having chalkboards around the house to add a little festive spirit to the room. I picked up a old painting with a beautiful frame at a thrift store several years ago. The goal was to replace the painting with a chalkboard for the master bedroom. When we moved into this house I decided it was finally time to finish the project, just in time for the holidays!

I love having a little extra something on the wall above our bed that I can change up for special holidays or when I am feeling a little creative.

Let It Snow Chalkboard

In case you have the urge to make a custom chalkboard yourself here are a few tips!

1. You can have most Lowe’s or Home Depot stores cut wood to the size you want.

2. I like using spray paint since it is quicker and easier to apply evenly.

3. Use black primer first. It will help the chalkboard paint stick to the wood better.

4. Once the pain is dry take a piece of chalk and cover the entire chalk board, then erase it.

5. Remove the painting or glass and make sure to secure the wood so that it doesn’t pop out when you change up the design.

6. Find a way to hang it that is easy to get up and down. If you make it difficult, you may find yourself unmotivated to change it.


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