25 Days of Christmas: Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Since we decided not to paint before moving in our walls are mostly a dim white – very light gray color. It’s a nice neutral tone that allows me to accent with lots of colors and patterns. The downside is the boring bare space we have on the second floor.

While looking through Pinterest I saw several ideas for popsicle stick snowflakes. It is a great way to dress up a bare wall for about $2.

I bought the popsicle sticks from the $1 store in two different sizes. Using hot glue I played around with some symmetrical designs. I decided a deep red would look good on the wall and then hot glued some wire on the back so I could hang them with small 3M hooks.

Full disclosure, the chair and Christmas tree belong in our guest room but I borrowed them to make the space in the hallway a little warmer for the holidays 🙂

DSC_3752 watermarked

The littles were really interested in what we were doing so we decided to use the opportunity for a few photos. <3


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