25 Days of Christmas: Simple Centerpiece

Today I wanted to share a project that I didn’t have planned but decided to do on a whim. It took me less than 10 minutes and instantly brought cheer to our living room nook.

DSC_3640 watermarked

The weather here is unbelievably warm, around 50 today, so I decided to bundle the kids up and walk to Walmart for some fresh air. We needed bananas, milk, and bread so it was the perfect opportunity to get my exercise in for the day and cross something off my to-do list. Our living room nook needed a little more cheer so I decided to browse the craft and holiday section. I came across colored battery-operated timer lights and pine cones. I knew I still had some ornament balls and garland at home and decided to attempt a festive centerpiece for our ottoman.

Materials | tray, garland, pine cones, battery-operated timer lights, glass vase, and ornament balls

Time | about 10 minutes

Difficulty Level | Beginner

I can’t even begin to describe how easy this project was. I first placed the glass vase in the center of the tray. Then filled it with garland and placed the lights around making sure to hide the cord when possible. Finally I filled the holes with pine cones. I happen to grab cinnamon scented ones and the minute Rob got home he said the house smelled of Christmas. <3

This is great for a large kitchen island, ottoman, or even a centerpiece for a table.

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