25 Days of Christmas: Snow Ball Fight

Just when I think I’ve gone a little overboard decorating I come across a blog like Cottage in the Oaks and Daune’s beautiful holiday decor style. Her front porch set ups for the seasons are absolutely breathtaking. I fell in love with one of her projects in her Christmas 2012 porch, a snow ball basket.

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Thanks to the Dollar Tree and about 45 minutes I was able to put this together and am absolutely giddy. It’s a playful spin on one of my favorite things about the winter, snow ball fights. The opportunity for everyone to fell like a kid again. Not to mention the hot coco you get to enjoy afterwards.

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Supplies | Basket ($1 from the Dollar Tree), Foam balls various sizes ($3 from the Dollar Tree) and a roll of crochet yarn $7 (similar here)

I wound the yarn around each of the balls covering them completely and securing with a knot. I love how the texture of the yarn gives a realistic effect. This is a great project to do in front of the TV catching up on your favorite shows. Rob loves when I can find projects to do while we cuddle on the couch. He doesn’t feel neglected and I feel productive, it’s a win win!

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Supplies | Wood $2 (similar here), chalkboard paint (similar here), chalk marker, twine, hot glue gun

For the sign I painted a wood card (3 1/2 x 4 1/2) with chalkboard paint and used a chalk marker. I glued twine to the back then weaved it through the basket and secured it with a knot.

DSC_3568 watermarked

I LOVE the way it came out and how simple it was. It also looks cute in front of our pallet Christmas tree stocking holder (which I will be revealing later this month).

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