Caity At 15 Months

15 Month

Between Thanksgiving, visiting family in NJ for 2 weeks, and prep for Christmas we have been quite busy. Parker and Caity have started really playing well together which gives me an opportunity to keep up with everything.

Sleeping is going really well. For naps Parker has quite time in his room watching Paw Patrol and Caity and I cuddle in her chair. I don’t mind the snuggles and a chance to catch up on sleep or watch Netflix. In the evenings she still nurses, usually to sleep. We cuddle for awhile, sometimes I also fall asleep, and then I put her in the crib. Usually she gets comfortable quick and dozes right back off. Sometimes I have to sit with her or try again. It isn’t until about 3am she wakes up enough to want to come into bed with us. She nurses again and then goes right back to sleep. Last week she actually slept until 7am. Unfortunately, I ended up waking up a few times with a stuffy nose and to keep checking on her. I’m still waiting for an encore performance!

Eating is going well, she loves food and eats just about anything. We have tried a few different cups and are trying to get her to use the WOW cup so we don’t have to worry about spills. She doesn’t like cups with a silicone nipple or spout so she has been using the Take & Toss ones but I can’t trust her with that in the car.

She started taking actual steps about 2 weeks ago and from there she started walking more and more each day. Now she is basically running. She loves to climb up anything, especially to her brothers loft bed. We are working on a safe railing solution at the moment to make it a little safer. She has figured out how to use the night stand in our room to her advantage to climb up onto the bed. She has also mastered the couches.

She is saying “hi” and “ah oh” consistently and it’s freaking adorable. She makes sounds for other words that we can identify but isn’t saying much else at this point. She babbles like crazy, sounds like she says a few letters of the alphabet, and hums when she hears music or I sing to her.

It’s 3 months over due but I had wanted to do a birthday photo shoot with Caity and things have just been so crazy. I figured 3 months late wouldn’t really matter when she is 25 years old so we decided to get it done while we had the equipment out for Christmas photos. We took about 700 photos and I haven’t had time to go through them all but here is a sneak peak at some of my favorites.


DSC_4754 watermarked

DSC_4616 watermarked




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