Caity’s 16th Month

16 Month


Loves playing with her doll house and putting the mommy and daddy in the car

Still keeps mommy in nap jail

Sometimes can’t stay awake through lunch

LOVES cleaning up with the broom and dust pan

Wakes up every morning and tries to find daddy and brother

Is obsessed with hummas and quinoa

Doesn’t mind the cold weather and loves going on walks with Mommy

Is really starting to play pretend and mimic what she sees her brother do

Starting to play dress up

Knows when it’s time for dinner

Loves helping Daddy build things

Notices when things are missing where they usually are

Is really getting use to routines
– In the morning she will go to the linen closet and grab a diaper
– After bath she knows it’s time to get dressed
– When lunch is over she knows we go upstairs for nap time

Caitys 16 month collage watermarked

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