Caity At 17 Months




17 Month

This little girl has started giving us a run for our money already! She is a total goofball with quite an attitude when she doesn’t get what she wants, usually related to food. We joke that she is a progress sniper because she is constantly messing up things that were just cleaned, or destroying her brothers trains and blocks. She loves playing in the kitchen with her brother and has started to “pretend eat” which is adorable.

She is still nursing, but if she misses before nap or bed she does just fine as long as someone else puts her down. She is getting really good with a spoon but will favor her hands if she is really hungry. Her current favorites are yogurt and bananas. I think she loves bananas more than a monkey, some days I cave and give her more than one.


She is definitely missing her brother during the day while he is at school. We find ways to keep busy and have been spending a lot of time cuddling on the couch. But she sure lights up and runs for the door when she hears them come home.


She is loving her new dress up cabinet and brings her pretty tutus to me often to help her put them on. I love when she walks around with the wings on.



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