Parker at 44 Months (3Y & 8M)

44 Months Collage

This little man is just growing up way too quickly.


He has started taking on more of a big brother role with Caity. While that tends to be more bossing her around and teasing her, he certainly has his moments. When she cries he tries to console her. When he asks for something to drink or eat he also makes sure she gets something.

He is finally starting to play with his cars. He especially likes to take them all out and line them up. Next month we are building a fun garage to house all of his cars and I can’t wait for him to start using it!


We have taken a very lax approach to potty training Parker. I just wasn’t up for the tears, frustration, and accidents that I have seen so many of my mommy friends go through. Call me lazy if you must but it has worked about beautifully for Parker. Back in August while in Disney he randomly started asking to pee on the potty. From there on he would ask to go about 75% of the time, even though we kept him in a pull up. Fast forward to the last week in January when we decided to take the plunge and transition him to big boy underwear. In a daycare setting it was an easy way to encourage him to use the potty along with the other kids. As of now he is consistently peeing on the potty!


While we were visiting my parents in NJ my Dad played hookie from work and we took Parker to the Zoo. He loved running around looking at all of the animals.

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