Weekend Playroom Projects

Although I haven’t gotten a chance to recap January and plan for February I didn’t want to spend our 3-day weekend behind a computer so I decided to jump right into our big project for the month, the kiddos playroom.

It’s been a work in progress since September but there were a few lingering things I wanted to do and it still wasn’t laid out quite like I wanted it. Rob and I took to Pinterest for some inspiration and decided we would focus on creating a craft area for the kids, a fun way to organize all of Parker’s car, and a dress up corner. We wanted to keep it as under budget as we could so I shopped around in the basement for unused furniture and got a little creative.

I am waiting on this adorable table from Costco.ca to arrive before we do a final reveal but in the meantime I thought I would share a few teasers of what we worked on the last few days!


I’ve been wanting to do a little more with their kitchen and as it turned out all I had to do was watch Parker play to come up with a plan. On Saturday morning I noticed he had turned the whole things sideways. Just as we were about to scold him for it we realized he had moved it so he could use the pass through as a drive up winder for ordering food. It was so stinking cute. I decided to turn his kitchen into a cafe and position it so it could always be used that way.

DSC_5845 watermarked

As you can see I also decided to play around with my Silhouette and add some vinyl! Tonight I will be painting the bottom half in chalkboard paint to add menu items.

DSC_5841 watermarked

The next project we worked on was a little nook for the kids dress up that has been sitting up in Parker’s closet for the last few months. Between consignment sales and after Halloween sales I was able to find quite a few outfits very inexpensive for them to play with. I went shopping downstairs and found an old bookcase to repurpose. All it needed was some primer, paint, clothing bar, and some 3M hooks.

DSC_5836 watermarked

Although I love being able to use things we already have around the house to organize sometimes I buy something that works better. If it’s a reasonable price there is no reason to grab it up and use it with pride. During my last outing to IKEA Caity and I found this 4-tier basket (available in the US here) that is great storage solution for all those small items you just don’t know what to do with.

DSC_5851 watermarked

I have a few projects to work on the next couple of days and hopefully our awesome table will arrive by the weekend so I can do a full reveal!

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