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This post is dedicated to the sweet mommas I met in Panera this afternoon! They were fascinated with some of our mealtime gadgets so I decided to write up a quick update on what items you can find in my diaper bag now-a-days! These are the items I still recommend after two kids so they have continued to impress me after 3 years of use including hundreds of restaurants, road trips, and a few vacations.

Mealtime Favorites v2

Canadian Links: Disposable Placemat | IKEA Bib | Norwex Travel Enviro Pack | Tiny Bites Food Shears | Dapple | Britta Water Bottle | Nuby Snack Keeper | Munchkin 360 CupMunchkin Collapsible BowlNuby Travel Set

Unfortunately some of these products are super expensive in Canada but I still wanted to provide the link so you could at least see the full product details.

US Links: Disposable Placemat | IKEA Bib | Norwex Travel Enviro Pack | Tiny Bites Food Shears | Dapple | Britta Water Bottle | Nuby Snack Keeper | Munchkin 360 CupGo Bowl™ Silicone Bowl  | Nuby Travel Set

The disposable placemats are great for littles just starting to experiment with table food. The secure on all sides keeping them in place and it gives baby a chance to play are and experiment. Best part is when they are done you can pull it up, wrap up the scraps, and throw it all away. I do wish there was a greener option but all of the reusable placemats we have tried, which is several, never stuck to the table or just made a mess.

A full bib is certainly needed for certain meals little miss enjoys. I like having one on hand for those messy meals or when she is wearing a cute LuLaRoe outfit. I personally like the ones found at IKEA. If your little tends to pull them off you can sew in a button or even use a snap press (found here on Amazon.ca or here on Amazon.com).

We just started using Norwex products and I am smitten with them. Their micro fiber cloths are effective without the need for chemicals. Their travel pack of four Enviro cloths is great to have on hand to wipe a messy face without the need for chemical based wipes. It’s also environmentally friendly which always puts a smile on my face. I just keep a wet bag in our diaper bag to throw them in along with any clothes that are the result of a potty accident or explosive diaper.

The Tiny Bites Food Shears are hands down my FAVORITE product of all times. It makes cutting up food quick and easy. I cut everything from chicken to pizza to fruit. Anything. They are easy to to wipe off until you can wash them. If they get extra messy or we are traveling I like to keep a travel bottle of Dapple in our diaper bag as well. To save money we buy the larger size bottles and just refill the travel size.

Back when Parker was on a bottle I found the Britta Water Bottles to be a life saver. We could fill it up anywhere eliminating the need to carry around bottles of water. Even now when we are gone for the day I like to throw one in the diaper bag to refill their sippy cups.

Caity still isn’t too reliable with a bowl so I like to put her snacks in the Nuby Snack Keeper. She can easily grab her Puffs without the chance of them spilling all over. We also have the Munchkin 360 Cup for both Parker and Caity when we are out. It’s the first cup we have found that truly does not leak so I am comfortable with them having theirs in their car seat. Another perk to theses cups is the lids are interchangeable so once Caity is a little older she won’t need the handles anymore. You can also take them completely apart eliminating the chance of mold secretly growing.

The Munchkin Collapsible Bowl/Go Bowl is great when you have two sharing meals. You can choose how deep the bowl is based on what they are eating. It takes up no space in the diaper bag and has been a life safer on a few occasions when I have forgotten our Nuby Snack Keeper or we are trying to separate food at a restaurant.

Now that both kids are using utensils it’s nice to have the Nuby Travel Set on hand. Parker is old enough to use regular ones but it’s still much easier with a smaller size. I love that they store in a case so I don’t have to worry about completely cleaning them until we get home.


We have also found a new favorite, the Munchkin BRICA Deluxe Snack Pod (found here on Amazon.ca and here on Amazon.com). It works great on shopping carts and makes snack time on the go a little easier for miss Caity while Mommy shops!


For younger kiddos the Booginhead SippiGrip is great to add to your stroller, baby carrier, high chair, and carseat to reduce the number of times you are bending over to pick their sippy up off the ground. Unless you count that as your daily exercise… The you can just say you are working on your bend & snap move 😉 For more items that are helpful with young kids to have in your diaper bag you can check out What’s In My Diaper Bag – 11 Months and What’s In My Diaper Bag – 18 Months.


Last but not least these individual hand sanitizing wipes are nice to have when you are on the go and don’t necessarily have access to a sink and soap. We also use them to clean off particularly dirty tables or shopping carts. I am by no means a germaphobe but everyone has their limits. Especially during the winter months I like to avoid full home plagues as much as possible.


  1. Lindsey March 8, 2016 at 5:46 am

    Hi Mary,

    You are so sweet to repost all the necessities!!! I was one of the moms staring at your baby and gadgets in Panera the other day:) Thanks for taking the time to chat with my friend and I.
    I love using dapple dish soap. I recently had to order a new small one since my husband threw ours out:( they changed the look and it now has a different lid, which I might like better! I got it from well.CA, a great site that has different sales every week. It was much cheaper than Amazon’s price as well:)

  2. Angela March 8, 2016 at 6:53 am

    Hi Mary! I’m the other mom that was with Lindsey:) Thank you for taking the time to chat with us while you were having lunch with your family. It was so kind of you. I will definitely be following your blog!

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