Parker’s 45 Month Update (3Y 9M)

45 Months Collage

This age is so bitter sweet… One minute I could be crying in the bathroom out of frustration the next laughing like crazy at something he says. I thought it was time a again for a 5 things that make me happy and 5 things that make me sad.

What Makes Me Sad

When you do something mean to your sister

When you completely ignore me

When you growl at me

When you unbuckle your car seat while I am driving

When you refuse to do anything I ask

What Makes Me Happy

When you help your sister or try to comfort her when she is crying

When you ask me to play with you

Watching you walk around and explore Bam & Chiefs backyard

When you tell me a snack you want will make your tummy happy

When you sneak into bed with me and say, “I love you mommy” before you fall back to sleep

Biggest news this month… Parker is officially potty trained! I am so happy with the approach we took (more details on that later). We decided to get over the hump of pooping on the potty with an incentive. Each time he told us he had to go and went on the potty he could pick out a Match Box car. I went to Walmart and bought a few sets which ended up being about $.90/each. It worked 100%. That’s right, no accidents at all. He either told us he thought “the poop was coming out” or he went when we asked him to try.

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