Parker’s 46 Months Old (3 Years 10 Months)

46 Months Collage

Parker continues to amaze me with his language development. He can carry on complete sentences with us and it’s fun to watch him run around with the kids on the playground trying to talk with them as well. Sometimes he says the funniest things out of nowhere.

He really stepped up this last month with his big brother duties. We spent 2 weeks in NJ to help Bam recover from surgery and during that time I spent the weekend away watching a good friends kiddos while she ran a race. Then after we got back to Canada I flew off to see my sister graduate from JAG. Both times he really helped occupy Caity and take care of her. Anytime he sneaks food from the kitchen like bananas or a whole package of bagels >:{

He is obsessed with tractors, cars, airplanes, and helicopters. He is also getting really good at identifying cars when we are out. He will say, “look there is Uncle Nick’s car but a different color” pointing out a yellow Mustang (Uncle Nicks is gray). He can also identify Boatwagons ;), Bams Uscon, and big trucks like Big Chief.