Parker’s Answers At 47 Months (3Y & 11M)

47 Months Collage

Things have been a little crazy so I decided to do another one of the toddler questionnaires. It’s so fun to see his answers and which ones actually make sense!

How old are you? 4 (almost buddy)

How old is daddy? 8

How old is mommy? 5

What’s your favorite color? Green

What’s your favorite food? Syrup (currently eating pancakes and we were out of syrup)

Who’s your best friend? All my friends

What’s your favorite show?
     P: Cars
     Me: That’s a movie, what is your favorite show?
     P: Octonauts

What’s your favorite movie?
P: I already answered that
Me: Can you tell me again?
P: No, I already answered it

What’s your favorite song? Cars (Life Is A Highway)

What’s your favorite animal? Lion

How do you count to 10?: 4 (Just like his Daddy, the answer makes sense to him)

What are you scared of? Ghosts

What makes you happy? My friends