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One of the things that I love about moving often is the blank canvas that I start with each time. Although our goods and most furniture is consistent it gets organized, displayed, and used different each time. This is by far my favorite playroom yet. I finally took the time to really complete my vision of a space that Parker and Caity could grow into and was welcoming for other children. I will admit it probably is a little much since Parker starts school soon and Caity will be going to daycare a few days a week. But it’s a nice open place for them in the evenings, on the weekend, and to help survive the winter.

The only new items that were purchased was the kids table and the fridge/pantry in the kitchen.

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Our landlord was so proud of the new hardwood floors he had put in to help rent/sell the house. While it isn’t my preference for a playroom I will say it makes playing with cars and racing them a lot more fun. We just added a large area rug from Home Depot to sit on.

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While most of the playroom is unlocked and available for the kiddos to explore I do have the top cabinet locked with all of Parker’s leggo sets and little pieces we want to keep away from Caity. The bottom half stores all of their cardboard bricks. I had originally been stacking them in the corner but it was too appealing to just knock over. This still gives them access but they have to work at just making a mess so they usually move on quickly.

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We didn’t have a TV in the room for the longest time but eventually decided it would be convenient to have for those rough days or when I have to get caught up on things. We made sure to secure it to the cubes with safety straps from IKEA. There is one on the front right and back left, it’s not going anywhere!

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I like to also repurpose decorations from birthday parties like this wooden stack of books from Caity’s ONEderland party. I usually keep in mind how I can reuse something after the event.

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These cubes from IKEA are my favorite. We have used them in different ways in each of the homes we have lived in.

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Having bins makes it much easier to get cleaned up quickly. Usually I tell Parker to grab a bin and collect everything that is musical etc… Makes it more tangible for him to help clean up. They don’t always go into the right bins so once a month I usually go through the whole play room and put everything back where it goes and make sure sets are still matched and not missing anything.

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Rob’s big project was building something for all of Parker’s cars. I am loving the final result and you can see the tutorial here.



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Instead of curtains I purchased fat squares and made fabric garland for each of the windows inspired by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.

Scrap Garland

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IKEA Kitchen

The kitchen is one of my favorite parts of the room. Playing kitchen was one of my favorite things to play growing up. It’s so much fun to watch Parker and Caity play together acting out what they see Rob and I do. Caity loves feeding her baby and Parker enjoys taking orders and making people coffee.

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Originally there was a table at IKEA that I wanted for the kiddos but they stopped carrying it so I had to look around for awhile. Eventually we found one on that was even better, very sturdy. We put up a temporary wall in front of the fireplace to keep curious minds away and added twine to display all of their art work.

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Cubes, bins, and pan holders make it easy to organize craft supplies and puzzles.

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I have been collecting dress up clothes for quite awhile but the kiddos never seemed interested in them. I started to wonder if it was because everything was crammed into a bin, out of sight out of mind kind of thing. I decided to rummage around the basement and see what I could come up with. Having a place to display and store everything has made it a lot easier and more fun to play dress up. You can see the tutorial and full transformation here.

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I always love finding projects that Rob and I can work on together. He loves taking an idea I have in my head and figuring out how to make it. For the playroom I wanted a directional sign with some of Parker’s favorite movies. I also liked the idea of a large PLAY sign.


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And before I go I will leave you with this…

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