Roller Coasters, Dinosaurs, and Tanks

This past weekend was packed with lots of activities, family time, a date night, and even a nap!


We decided to hit up a local fair on Friday evening and the kiddos had even more fun than I could have imagined. Like Mommy and Daddy the both LOVE rides. I think Caity is going to be our daredevil though. She wanted to go on everything, even a kiddie roller coaster. Unfortunately she was like half and inch too short :/ Next year little girl!


The next morning Rob took the kids to the Natural History museum to see dinosaur bones while I stayed home to catch up on some orders and go to my first hot yoga class. I got back during quite time, took a shower, and then a nap. Yep, you read that right! We didn’t mean to fall asleep and luckily I woke up about 20 minutes before the sitter was coming so we could have a date night. We ate and a place called Steak & Sushi in ByWard Market. I was in the mood for several smaller plates so we shared a few appetizers and then a nice steak. I also tried their Sangria which was out of this world.


We met up with some friends for a paint night with Jessica D Perez. I was really impressed with the artist and definitely recommend her for anyone wanting to get in touch with their creative side. She does parties starting at 5 guests and does children’s parties as well.


I got up early on Sunday to tackle my next goal, 6 miles. Took me awhile to finish but I did it and still made it back in time to shower and hop in the car. We wanted to head over to the War Museum to see the tank exhibit. Rob geeked out while the kids enjoyed a snack at a safe distance from the noise.