NJ Road Trip & Wedding Festivities

It may seem like we have traveled to NJ every month since our move to Canada because it’s true. I can count on less than one hand the number of months we have not traveled. Although it’s been hard, at least we have been traveling for good reasons!

This past week was filled with bachelor/bachelorette parties, a cousins wedding, playground trips, and wedding crafts.


Rob manage to snap this photo of Caity and then remembered a similar one of Parker about the same age. I love having these photos of them to compare over the years.


Although the weather was awful, sooooo hot and humid, the kiddos were outside as much as possible exploring Bam and Chief’s apple orchard. They loved climbing trees and taking long tractor rides. They also FINALLY figured out that the large piece of furniture in the dinning room with pedals was a piano. Only took 4 years for Parker ;). That is now their favorite indoor activity.


We took Sarah to Morristown to celebrate her upcoming wedding. The day was filled with relaxation, painting, delicious food, and lots of dancing. I plan to do a post just on that since we had a wonderful weekend with some great vendors. I can’t believe my sister will be a Mrs. in less than a month!

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