Learning Resources Counterpillar {Review}

Shortly after moving to Canada I found out that kids can start attending school at age 4 in their Junior Kindergarten program. Not only that, but it would be a full day program, 1/2 of which would be in French. Although I was a little imitated at first the idea slowly grew on me and when it came time to register Rob and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to see how it goes. Having had little structure at home I was a little concerned he wouldn’t adapt to more of a structured learning environment as quickly as the other kids.


As luck would have it, I was approached last month asking if we would be interested in reviewing the Learning Resources Counterpillar™. I was already familiar with the brand having several of their products in the kiddos playroom including the Smart Snacks® Counting Cookies™Smart Snacks® Shape Sorting Cupcakes, and Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set. I loved that many of their toys promote learning in a playful environment.


I was really impressed, although not surprised, in the quality of the Counterpillar. Both Parker and Caity wanted to play with it before I could even get it out of the box. Let’s just say we are still working on the concept of sharing. After a few hours of watching both play with it here are a few of my favorite features.

  • Parker tends to gravitate towards toys that are colorful and have some kind of animal or face on them. At the same time, when there are too many bells and whistles, he can get overwhelmed and lose interest. The Learning Resources Counterpillar™ is the perfect combination that attracts him but doesn’t overwhelm him.
  • As a family who moves often I enjoy toys that are a little smaller and light weight. They are easier to move with and tend to last longer. I like how even though it is light weight the wide base keeps it nice and sturdy even through semi rough play. Caity likes carrying things around and the top is the perfect size for her little hands.
  • The Learning Resources Counterpillar™ is practical and can grow with your child. Right now we are working with Parker on his fine motor skills, simple counting, and color identification. Once he gets all of that down we can focus on other counting and math skills. Later down the road we can also use this to help with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


The Learning Resources Counterpillar™ can be purchased on Amazon for $14.99 (Prime) and would be a great addition to any playroom.

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