At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have once again joined Weight Watchers. I keep going back because I know it works if I just follow the program. I don’t have to give anything up, I just need to adjust the amount of good versus bad decisions I make in a day regarding food.

In just over 4 months I will be traveling to Florida to participate in the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge; a 10k on Saturday and 1/2 marathon on Sunday. It’s probably a little too ambitious but I needed to do something drastic to get my ass in gear. Accomplishing this bucket list item is so important to me and by doing so I will have gotten a jump start on my long term weight loss goal of losing 90 pounds.


I’ve realized over the last few years that it is much harder to lose weight after kids. It won’t come off as easily as it did before so I decided to come up with an inspirational board to track my progress and achievements. I also came up with some pretty awesome rewards for each of my goals.



I will be attending meetings on Thursdays and updating my progress throughout the week via #maryswwjourney on Instagram in case you want to follow along 🙂

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