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We have been long supporters of VTech in the kiddos playroom. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to review a variety of their toys and was honored when they reached out again this year.



VTech® Wiggle & Crawl Ball™
Ages 6-36 Months

I’m honestly not sure who loves this ball more, my kids or the cats! The VTech® Wiggle & Crawl Ball™ has the ability to grow with your child which is perfect when you have multiple kids at home. Caity loves all of the playful songs and flashing lights while Parker tries to manipulate the ball and figure out how it moves on it’s own. Now that he is really learning numbers, animals, and songs in school it’s fun to watch him use it to help teach his sister. I was very impressed with it’s durability and overall quality.

Available for purchase on Amazon for $14.99.


VTech® Gallop & Rock Learning Pony™
Ages 12-36 Months

Parker and Caity love anything ride on. Now that we have a open floor plan they race each other around and can play games throughout the whole house. Caity has really starting forming a love for horses and she was so excited when she started hearing galloping. I love that the speaker is facing the child so it doesn’t need to be on the loudest setting. She loves the turn knob that starts songs or hoarse noises. There are also three lights on the mane that playfully teach colors.

Available for purchase on Amazon for $39.99.


VTech® Care for Me Learning Carrier™
Ages 9-36 Months

Caity went right for this one when she saw the boxes in their play room. “PUPPY!” she exclaimed. She loves taking care of her animals, feeding them, and carrying them around. The VTech® Care for Me Learning Carrier™ is pretty much the perfect toy. The size is spot on for 9-36 months and the accessories are safe and age appropriate for the intended audience. It comes with all the key accessories a child would need to care for their puppy. The carrier is very durable and well made. It has several buttons and levers to keep a child entertained and intrigued. This is also a great size toy to travel with and to keep kids entertained in hotel rooms or visiting family and friends.

Available for purchase on Amazon for $30.




VTech® Brilliant Baby Laptop™
Ages 6-36 Months

If you ask the kids what Mommy does in her office they would respond, “doing working”. Although it breaks my heart that I sometimes I have to do work while they entertain themselves I hope they can see that I work hard to take care of my family and try to provide a little here and there as well. Both kids love to bring little lap toys with them in the car. The VTech® Brilliant Baby Laptop™ is a great toy for the car and families on the go staying in hotels and with family or friends. They can choose between catchy tunes, shapes and colors, and animals. Caity loves the mouse that really mimics what she sees me use. For my son who is four, he loves the feature which asks him to find certain shapes, colors, or animals and then applauds when he gets it right.

Available for purchase on Amazon for $19.99.


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